viernes, 22 de enero de 2010

It keeps spinning...

I know that i've been posting too many videos lately, but the truth is that exams don't leave much time for deep reflexions about life. Anyway, these two videos are a little different, because i made them myself for a project at University.
The first one could only last around 40 seconds, that's why it's so short, and we had to create some kind of movement using photographs.

The second one is a kind of autobiography, actually both of them are a little, but this one is based on two films i really like. The first part of the dialogue, until the washing machine appears, it's the films dialogue, the rest i wrote it myself. It's also my voice what you hear speaking.

I hope you enjoy them, although they aren't very good...

5 comentarios:

  1. I enjoyed! :D que estudias? suerte con los exámenes!

  2. Publicidad y RRPP, aunque sty pendiente de hacer la prueba de acceso para diseño de moda en Amberes...!

  3. Heyyy!!!!!!!the firs video is awesome!!!!

    Muy wapo si si....ese puente del principio que miedo me daba de pequeño....jajaja

    Un beso

  4. no los habia vistooo!! lo ke me estaba perdiendo... great great great job!!!!!!!